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Eamon Foley directs and choreographs a Gay Pride anthem celebrating the power of community and the joy of self-expression. The piece begs you to come “Up the ladder to the roof” and free yourself from shame and judgement. The song is from “Everyday Rapture,” Foley’s sixth and final Broadway show.




This tortured, erotic music video features the unique pop stylings of Natti Vogel, and explores gay loneliness in a body-obsessed culture. 

Directed by Eamon Foley. Starring Matthew Wilkas and Tegan Zayne.

Brown Rice was recently nominated for a QUEERTY AWARD in the category of Best Indie Music Video. Please vote below, everyday till Feb 22nd!


Fresh Dance Videos




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In the next stage for PARADISE LOST, Grind Arts is presenting a workshop production as part of LPAC's Rough Draft Festival

Performances were March 28th and 29th at 7pm on the Mainstage at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center.

Grind Arts is currently developing a multi-medium, immersive musical experience from John Milton's epic poem PARADISE LOST, which chronicles Lucifer falling from heaven, and tempting man away from Eden.

Artistic director Eamon Foley gathered 10 artists of different disciplines to explore this text and discover how dance, music, and emerging technologies can be used to tell this story in a most vibrant, contemporary manor. 

Written and Directed by Eamon Foley, Composed by Natti Vogel, "Song for M" by Evan Crommett.  



Grind Arts Co's first virtual reality venture, co-produced with ModernEpic, NOW AVAILABLE.

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BEAST is at once a power anthem and a song of surrender. Graham Phillips, Sophie Andreassi, and Caroline Reese address the polarity of womanhood in this film created in the ruins of Old White Marsh Church and the surrounding town of St. Michaels, Maryland.

Music + lyrics by Caroline Reese.    

Directed by Graham Phillips + Sophie Andreassi

Choreographed by Sophie Andreassi

Starring Emily Wohl.

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Your antidote for the mundane.  

A collaborative theater piece/rager celebrating the most tender of emotions.

Featuring work by Avneesh Sarwate, Isabel Mitchell, Ayaka Taniguchi, Collin Bates, Willis Brindley, PENNYWILD, Hilton Dresden, Misha Lambert, Eamon Foley, Cathrine Cohen, Steve Markow, Joe Champey, Aron Wander, and Alexa Lebersfeld.

Release party for "BEAST" Featuring performances by Caroline Reese, Jennie Brent, Catherine Cohen, Scott & Dave, and Kovey Coles

Music by Kovey Coles Midlevel, "Three City" (2015) Filmed by Aaron Thomas of ModernEpic

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Musical Theater for the Digital Age. 

Grind Arts' first short, Color + Light, explores the artists' experience through Sondheim, contemporary pointe, and theatrical cinematography. 

Directed and choreographed by Eamon Foley, shot and edited by Graham Phillips. 

Congratulations CYRANO

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"To say that this new reworking of Cyrano is ambitious would be an understatement. In just over an hour, the play manages to be both an unforgiving mirror which invites the gay male community to look at itself, as well as a quick-witted satire of that community as well."


Throne Games

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Does aerial choreography thrill you? How about beautiful Broadway dancers baring their bodies for a great cause? If anything here is piquing your interest, you are going to enjoy this one.

Grind Arts artistic director Eamon Foley choreographs "Throne Games" for this past summer’s BROADWAY BARES, a strip spectacular that benefits Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids.

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