Featuring the release of SINNERMAN

Grind Arts Company and ModernEpic have teamed up to create the virtual reality dance film SINNERMAN. To face the challenge of getting new VR work seen by the public, Grind Arts has conceived of an environmental performance piece that heightens and draws people to the VR experience. 

Using Paradise Lost as our source material, we plan on bringing the lush worlds of Heaven, Hell, and Eden to life using interactive projection design, art installation, dance, and walkabout actors. The environment we create will highlight the mysterious bridge between religion and human nature, the theme most pertinent in SINNERMAN. Throughout the evening, attendees can watch the VR piece and see its main character as a representation of Lucifer falling from the graces of heaven. The live art and the VR film will compliment each other.

It is Grind Arts' mission to explore the intersection between digital and live art, seeing how the two feed each other, and discovering new forms of theater beyond the proscenium. We feel that interactive theater and VR both represent the future of storytelling, and we are thrilled at the prospect of bringing the two together. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 with significant experience executing theater at a fast pace, creating interactive performance pieces, and hosting creative release events for our digital work.  

We would love to collaborate with you to host EDEN. We feel like it would be a great way to help fire the people up about the innovation to come from VR and VR World specifically. We are of course incredibly flexible with date, time, and rules of the space, and would love to have a further conversation to see how this could feed your endeavor. 

At this party we envision:

  • About 200 people in attendance depending on capacity 
  • A cash bar
  • 8-10 stations for viewing the VR piece
  • 8-10 dancers and actors to represent characters from Paradis Lost (Eve, Adam, Lucifer, etc)
  • A DJ
  • Several projectors casting provocative imagery on walls that are influenced by audience interaction (mapping/webcam work)
  • Selling tickets to cover the costs of the event
  • The party occurring between Thursday, June 22nd and Thursday , July 1st. 

Please let us know what if any of those elements stand out to you. We are artists who work well with limitations. 

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to keep the conversation going!


Eamon Foley (Artistic Director)