Executive Producing Member


Executive Producing Members are welcomed into the Grind Arts family as creators. Their vision is what allows us to connect to new audiences through innovative work, and we would like to thank them with everything below, plus the opportunity to work side by side with the artists. Underwrite a season in your name and join us on the journey of creating new work ranging from film, theater, virtual reality, and much more. Be in the room where it happens, as it happens.

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Producing Member


Producing Members are champions of the Grind Arts mission, which is to inspire a culture of empathy through innovative art that connects to the contemporary audience. To thank you for your contribution, we offer everything below, plus the opportunity to underwrite a project that inspires you. Immerse yourself in a new work by joining production meetings, first rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and more. Thank you for believing in the power of the arts.

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Innovating Member


Welcome to the behind-the-scenes world of Grind Arts Company. Your contribution inspires artistic innovation, and we want you to witness the magic first hand. Innovating Members receive everything below, plus access to first rehearsals, behind-the-scenes footage, and conversations with the creative teams behind each project.

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Welcome to the Grind Arts family! You’ll receive everything below, plus unlimited access to all Grind events, including media premieres, opening night performances and events, ground-level readings and workshops, and creative lectures and forums. The doors are wide open to you as a patron who helps new, timely art reach a broader audience.

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Your contribution allows us to make a difference with our art. To thank you for helping us reach wider and strong, in addition to everything below, you will also receive four premium tickets to all of Grind's live programming for the next two years, as well as access to special events including premieres and new works.

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Thank you for supporting the arts! In addition to the below, you will receive two premium tickets to a live event of your choosing.

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Thank you for your support! You will receive early access to our live events and your name will be listed on our website.

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