"Hero is the best performance the University will see in the next decade - if not longer."
- The Daily Princetonian

Inspired by interviews conducted with Vietnam War veterans and the music of UK rock sensation Muse, Eamon Foley has written, directed, choreographed, an original aerial-dance, rock musical about a boy’s experience being drafted into the Vietnam War. Shifting between realism and surrealism, Hero considers the ways in which war possesses the power to bring us closer to our animal selves and make us question all the truths we hold inherent. Moments before a veteran, Sam, decides whether or not he will take his own life, we are sent on a PTSD trip through his memories, employing ropes, harnesses, bungee chords, and aerial silks to communicate the severity and surrealism of war. Hero was awarded the Francis LeMoyne Page Theater Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Creative Art, the Outstanding Senior Thesis Award and the Santos-Dumont Prize for Innovation. You can enjoy the documentary of how Hero was made here.